I raised my children botanically, that is, I rarely took them to the doctor because I successfully used plants in their various forms to treat all the illnesses my children came down with.

When the children grew up and left the house, I decided to make a career out of the plants – their healing properties in particular.  So I went to school to enhance the knowledge I already had about herbs, essential oils, and flower essences.  I was the eldest student in most of my classes.  I learned about the sciences of the plants – biochemistry, botany, pathology.  This is the stuff I did not study on my own.

In 2003 my beloved had a stroke and passed on.  My father also passed in 2003.  I was determined to finish my degree and in 2004 I graduated Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona, as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner with specialties in Western Herbs and Aromatherapy. 

At that time I realized that I had a product line and started thinking about names and development for my products.  This took a very round-about path as I was grief-bound for several years.  I traveled around the country in my attempt to deal with the grief.  I lived in Florida for two years, where the name “Isis Botanicals” was developed.  I lived in Sedona for a couple of years where “Journey Your Soul” was channeled to me.  While in Sedona I returned to school to get the final piece I felt I needed.  I became certified as a Yoga Teacher, Hypnotherapist, and Life Coach.   I went on a four-month vision-quest in Maui, where “Divine Feminine Alchemy” came thru.  I couched surfed in Phoenix with various friends betwixt and between visiting other places.  Many, many thanks to all of them (they know who they are).  Everyone everywhere who tries Isis Botanicals products loves them. 

As an Aroma Alchemist I can custom blend a scent unique to you and/or create a specific mood. As the founder of Isis Botanicals I provide the highest quality therapeutic body care products that help those who use them have a better quality of life.

Then, beyond the grief and armed with names, sessions, products and testimonials, I was ready to launch.  I arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah and hung out my shingle.  This website is part of that shingle. 


  • Top Female Executive 2015, Worldwide Publishing.

  • Top Female Executives 2015 International Women's Leadership Association.

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About Us

As a child growing up in the hills of Pennsylvania I would wander through the woods, fields, and streams of the land and wonder what each plant was used for.  I would lie under the Lilac and Rose of Sharron bushes next to the Crocuses and Hyathinths and breathe in deeply the intoxicating scents of the flowers noticing the changes in my mood with each scent.

Then I grew up and moved into Greenwich Village in New York City.  Not many plants there!  After the birth of my first child, I moved back to the country, only this time we went to the West Coast ~ California!  Go West, young woman!  And I did. 

After my arrival in Phoenix I became Reiki attuned.  I am a Reiki Master/Teacher with over 21 years of experience in the healing arts.