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Earth Gypsy Rune Rhythms for Women ~

Earth Gypsy Rune Rhythms For Women ~ A unique divination system that allows you to tap into the eternal source of inner strength ... and pursue the all-knowing Oracle of Self.  Most women are able to sense the needs of others, to feel the emotions of the unspoken word or gesture, & to be in harmony with nature & the earth.  This rune system addresses the warrior woman, the seeker, the peace-teacher, the light-bringer, & the myth-maker.  It brings together, in a systematic way, the major concepts that face women today in their individual path-working endeavors.  $45

Egyptian Cartouche ~ is referred to as an “Oracle of Ancient Egyptian Magic”.  It acts as a bridge between day-to-day things and the transpersonal or Higher Self.  It is based on ancient Egyptian knowledge and should not be confused with Tarot. A reading can provide insight and answers to dreams; family or emotional problems; financial or business matters; health & healing; protection; spiritual seeking; or any of Life’s many enigmas.  $65