Simply Reiki ~ Just the Reiki.  Reiki is the most relaxing technique I have found.  It is medically proven to relieve anxiety and stress and to lower blood pressure.  Possible results include better sleep, mental clarity, pain relief, emotional calmness. 60 minutes = $100; 90 minutes = $150.

Spiritual Reiki Sessions

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Chakra Balancing Reiki ~ To balance the subtle energies of the body that govern the body-mind-spirit as a whole.  90 minutes = $150.

Relaxation Reiki Sessions

Touch Therapy Reiki

Awaken Your Soul ~ Touch Therapy ~ Each session focuses on a different Chakra and awakens each Chakra thru the six senses by using chocolate-dipped fruit for Taste; essential oils for Scent; Temple Dancing for Sight; tuning forks, drums  and music for Sound;  gentle, Sacred caresses for Touch; and Breathwork for Spirit.  There are 7 major Chakras plus an introductory session and a completion session for a total of nine sessions.  3 hours = $522.

Isis Iyata is a true professional. She is very perceptive and intuitive. I would recommend her as she has a true gift of the spirit and heart. 
Sandy R., 3/2011, Lakeside, AZ

Journey Your Soul Reiki ~ Take a Shamanic Journey  into the realm of your still, quiet place & discover why you are here and/or what your next step should be.  You will gain clarity, tranquility, spiritual balance & growth after a session.  2 hours = $270.

Shamanic Reiki Sessions

‚ÄčNurture Your Body

Calm Your Mind

Soothe Your Soul


Sacred Touch Reiki ~ Even though touch is a basic human need, many people in our society are touch-deprived.  It has been medically proven that humans need touch to develop properly.  In this session you will receive Reiki & light, gentle, loving touch over  most of your  body.  60 minutes = $100; 90 minutes = $150.


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