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Touch Therapy ~ Touch is necessary and vital for human development. It has been proven that if we deprive a newborn of social touch, growth is slowed, compulsive rocking and other self-soothing behaviors emerge, and, if not rectified, emergent disorders of mood, cognition, and self-control can persist through adulthood.

In our zeal to protect children from sexual predators, we have promoted no-touch policies for teachers, coaches, and other supervisory adults that have the inadvertent effect of adding to the touch deprivation of our children.  As these kids have grown up in a touch-phobic environment and propagated these fears to their own children, our society as a whole has become further impoverished. 

Why do we need touch once we become adults? 

Interpersonal touch is a crucial form of social glue.  It connects people in the community and in the workplace, fostering emotions of gratitude, sympathy, and trust.  From skin to nerves to brain, our body’s touch circuits are a complex system that powerfully influences our lives, affecting everything from consumer choice and sexual behavior to tool use and chronic pain to the deep origins of language and the process of healing. 

 The transcendence of touch resides in the details and those details are in the dedicated nerve fibers in our skin that predispose us to like a soft caress ~  but only if it moves at the proper speed and pressure across the skin.  They are in the brain’s specialized centers for emotional touch.  Activity in these brain regions determines whether a given touch will feel emotionally positive or negative, depending upon the context in which it occurs.