​At Isis Botanicals we offer Divine Feminine Alchemy through products and services to Nurture Your Body ~ Calm Your Mind ~ Soothe Your Soul.  Our products and services are a unique combination of quality ingredients, time-tested experience, and deep spiritual values. 

We invite you to Empower Yourself ~

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Welcome to Isis Botanicals and Divine Feminine Alchemy!

​Nurture Your Body

Calm Your Mind

Soothe Your Soul


Welcome to Divine Feminine Alchemy and Isis Botanicals.  We offer Reiki sessions and Attunements, Touch Therapy, Relaxation Therapy, Aroma Therapy, and Soul Journeying, as well as Intuitive Readings,  and Women’s Circles.

I categorize the Reiki I offer into three categories:  Relaxation Reiki; Shamanic Reiki; and Spiritual Reiki.  Some of my Reiki sessions include Touch Therapy.

Relaxation Reiki sessions will relax you as you have never before been relaxed.  Any anxiety and/or stress will melt away and your body and mind will be able to relax.  Excellent choice for folks who have trouble relaxing or calming down, as well as those who need to relax prior to another appointment (i.e., doctor, dentist, etc.).

 Shamanic Reiki sessions will take you on a Journey into the realm of your still, quiet place to discover why you are here and/or what your next step should be. Good for folks seeking their life purpose or what direction to go in their studies. ‘Journey Your Soul’ is a Shamanic Pathworking transforming and empowering you with sound, aroma, vibration, crystals, sacred symbols, and Reiki. Pathworking is similar to trance hypnosis; however, we are working on a Soul level to find the answers you seek.

Spiritual Reiki sessions will activate and balance your Chakra system.  Depending on the session you choose, you can learn to how to do this yourself, or you can enjoy a magical, spiritual journey through your seven Chakras.

Touch Therapy ~ Touch is necessary and vital for human development. It has been proven that if we deprive a newborn of social touch, growth is slowed, compulsive rocking and other self-soothing behaviors emerge, and, if not rectified, emergent disorders of mood, cognition, and self-control can persist through adulthood.  Good for everyone of any age.

 Isis Iyata is passionate about facilitating her clients’ well-being and helping them transform and empower their lives.  She does this through facilitating a safe, fun and transformative  journey for their blossoming.  Her sessions are very intuitive and can generally address more than the initial cause of concern.

You can gain enormous benefit from essential oils in terms of memory enhancement, learning improvement, uplifting moods, confidence boosting, and overall emotional well-being. This positive mental stimulation has a direct impact on daily performance and practical applications. Essential oils go very deeply into the psyche on all levels and help people connect with their body, mind, moods, and emotions. These exquisite aromatic substances provide a rich treasury for human beings, in all their aspects of mind, body, and spirit.  An Aroma consultation  will help you choose the correct oils for you.  

Our unsurpassed plant products are made with care and love and imbued with Reiki. 

Bach Flower Essences and Intuitive Readings are also among our services.

Indulge yourself with one of our sessions and experience a specialized therapy that will perfectly transform your body, mind, and spirit. We are highly trained and your privacy is assured.

Whether your needs are physical, emotional, or spiritual, or if you are simply looking for a unique gift for someone you love, Divine Feminine Alchemy and Isis Botanicals have what you are seeking.